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Orthopedic examinations, including checks for hip, knee, elbow and patella problems can be done by qualified veterinarians. There are also official testing bodies, including the OFA, GDC, Penn-hip and others who will certify the results of tests. Checking for hip dysplasia requires an x-ray under anesthesia, and not all breeders have this done because anesthesia is always a risky procedure. However, with Cavaliers and a great amount of patience, the testing procedure can be conducted without the use of anesthesia. The different testing organizations question each others' testing protocol and the meaning of the tests. A complete listing of dogs certified by OFA can be found on the website OFA will not certify a dog for hip dysplasia under the age of two years although a preliminary test can be done at one year of age.

Many Cavalier, Breed and Kennel clubs and Veterinary clinics sponsor Hip & Patella Testing Clinics throughout Canada at different times of the year. Regularly check the Events link on for an up-to-date listing.

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