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Throughout the year all over Canada many regional clubs of different breeds including the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel organize and host ophthalmologists to come for eye clinics. Eyes should be screened in all types of dogs and an eye clinic allows breeders and pet owners the opportunity to have standardized testing performed at a reasonable cost. Some eye clinics are just available to breeders; however often times pet owners are also welcome to attend. You can often find information regarding upcoming eye clinics on your local Cavalier club site, or from your breeder. All pet owners should be aware and watch for these opportunities to have your Cavaliers eyes tested. It is not just breeders who should be testing their dog’s eyes regularly. While a normal veterinary appointment is great for general screening, only an ophthalmologist can see if your Cavaliers eyes are free from eye conditions that can affect this breed. (See the section on eyes for additional information) If an ophthalmologist does find something abnormal in their testing please make sure to report it back to your breeder as breeding healthy cavaliers is a joint effort between everyone who loves them. Good news or bad news on health allows the breeder to make the best decisions they can regarding their breeding programs.

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